Author: Chris Dreyer

April 3, 2023

Document Automation for Law Firms: A Guide to Simplifying Legal Work

It’s no secret that lawyers have to create a ton of documents during the course of their work. But the process of drafting and updating documents can be a burden. Lawyers and their staff spend significant time and energy creating documents that are largely the same but for a …

March 29, 2023

9 Best Live Chat Apps for Lawyers (and Features to Look For)

When someone lands on your website, it’s important to build a connection with them as quickly as possible. Live chat is one way to do that by providing assistance to potential clients when they need it. Only 6% of law firms leverage live chat on their websites, with the …

March 29, 2023

Financial Planning for Lawyers and Law Firms

A key component of growing your law firm and hitting your personal and professional goals as a lawyer is financial planning. Financial planning is a major part of any law firm’s business plan. Having a plan gives you the best chance of keeping your firm’s doors open. It also …

March 23, 2023

Software for Personal Injury Lawyers: What Tools Do You Need?

The right software can make running your personal injury law firm easier. Software tools can lead to increased productivity for lawyers and their teams. They can help you provide a consistent experience for clients. Personal injury law software can even help you make parts of the client acquisition process …

March 23, 2023

Best Document Management Software for Law Firms in 2023

Document management is a fact of life for lawyers. There’s seemingly no end to updating and storing materials associated with legal matters. Having a clear system for document management could help with that. It could also decrease the possibility of errors and make it easier to find what you …

March 23, 2023

8 Tips for Effective Blog Writing for Lawyers

Over 70% of people would rather get information from blogs than through traditional advertising. That means blog posting is necessary for law firms that want to grow their business through organic traffic from Google. When written well and with the right law firm marketing strategy, your blog can help …

March 17, 2023

Top 8 Law Firm Reputation Management Tools

Across all industries, 90% of local consumers base their decision on what other people have to say. Getting reviews from previous clients is powerful for your law firm marketing engine. Reviews from former clients tell a story about what you’re like to work with. By painting a picture for …

March 17, 2023

10 Best Time Tracking Software for Lawyers in 2023

Lawyers have to track their time for purposes of billable hours. It is also valuable to see where non-billable time is spent, too. This helps you reduce distracting or non-productive activities and refocuses the entire team on the most valuable tasks. Finding the right timekeeping software for your firm …

March 17, 2023

8 Tips to Improve Your Productivity as a Lawyer

In a law firm, your time matters just as much as any business owner’s. But attorneys face the added pressure of reducing other tasks in favor of billable hours. It’s all too easy for lawyers to become overwhelmed and unproductive. These tips will help you stay on track. 1. …

March 16, 2023

Top 15 Online Business Directories Your Law Firm Should Be On

Local citations provide important details about your law firm for potential clients and search engines. Having accurate information on citation sites is an important part of local SEO. Getting set up on these local citation sources for lawyers may help your target clients find you. There are many directories …

March 10, 2023

Top Local Citations for Lawyers in 2023

A comprehensive SEO plan for a law firm includes many components. It could involve a content marketing plan, technical optimizations, and local SEO activities. Citations and listings on local directories are a key part of the latter. Citations are listings for your law firm across the web. They can …

March 9, 2023

Direct Mail Marketing for Attorneys: Tips for Success

Choosing the right mix of marketing channels and tactics is vital for success as a lawyer. Among the tactics to choose from is direct mail marketing. Direct mail is one of the oldest marketing opportunities available to lawyers. It can still work in certain markets, but it’s best used

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