September 9, 2020

Virtual Arbitration Shopping List

We recently tried our very first Virtual Arbitration. It was such a different experience from being in a courtroom, or even in a conference room. The ease with which we show exhibits and point to demonstratives was replaced by the need for multiple clicks. The ability to show an exhibit

July 27, 2020

Unregulated Stem Cell Therapy Brings More Harm Than Help

In September 2019, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning to consumers: “Watch out for unapproved stem cell therapies!” The warning comes from the agency in response to the mounting concern of patients seeking cures and pain remedies who are vulnerable to stem cell treatments that are …

May 29, 2020

Saving Money on Medical Records Requests with the HITECH Act

Our clients pay thousands of dollars for medical treatment—and then have to pay hundreds or thousands more to send their records to their lawyers. But there’s a way around that $1.50 per page charge: the HITECH Act of 2009. It allows patients to request their electronic health records at a

May 10, 2020

Byron Tow Plane Crash: Glider Pilot Error?

The pilot of a Bellanca 8GCBC Scout, Registration N4116Y, died when the aircraft crashed at Byron Airport on May 9th.  According to a witness, the tow plane took off pulling a glider. While still at a low altitude, the glider climbed abruptly.  The maneuver pulled the tail of the tow

April 30, 2020

Zantac Recalled Over Concerns of Cancer Causing Chemical

Millions of Americans rely on ranitidine, popularly known by its brand name Zantac, for treating their heartburn and other acid reflux symptoms. Yet the Food and Drug Administration has recently demanded that all ranitidine products be removed from the market immediately. This recall follows an ongoing investigation into levels of …

April 30, 2020

Do I have a Case if I Took Zantac and was Later Diagnosed with Cancer?

On April 1, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requested the removal of all ranitidine products, including those sold under the brand name Zantac. The request was issued after sources found unhealthy levels of N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) in some ranitidine products. NDMA is classified as a possible carcinogenic by …

April 17, 2020

The FHCA Asks for Negligence Immunity During COVID-19

In early April, the Florida Health Care Association (FHCA) sent a letter to Governor Ron DeSantis asking for conditional immunity against liability for organizations providing COVID-19 related treatment. While granting this protection may allow Florida nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and health professionals to make hard decisions in a difficult …

April 6, 2020

A Message to Law Students: This Too Shall Pass

Before the Covid-19 pandemic started, I had just finished teaching Advanced Trial Advocacy at the University of San Diego, School of Law. Because I experimented this year with a new schedule, I am one of the few professors who finished teaching before California’s Shelter in Place orders took effect. I’ve

February 11, 2020

Kobe Bryant Crash: NTSB Update Points to Improper VFR into IMC

From the outset it looked to me as though the Kobe Bryant crash was a simple case of “continued VFR into IMC” — a crash caused by a pilot wandering into clouds and fog and losing control of the helicopter and crashing. The NTSB’s update seems to confirm just that. 

September 30, 2019

Injured In An Accident The Guilty Puppy

If you have been injured in an accident, you need the help from our team at Accident Lawyers Firm. We are experienced, skilled, and diligent accident attorneys that know exactly what it takes to get the compensation and justice you deserve. We understand that the repercussions of an accident are

September 12, 2019

Investigation Into the Conception Fire Shows Serious Safety Flaws; Boat Owners File Petition to Avoid Liability

A preliminary investigation by the U.S. Coast Guard and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives reportedly shows that serious safety deficiencies may have caused or contributed to the Conception boat fire. The fire, which killed 34 people, was the worst maritime disaster in California history. The passengers on

July 12, 2019

I traveled internationally to Florida and was hurt in an accident. Can a Florida lawyer help?

The days and weeks that follow an accident can be very confusing, especially if you become injured while traveling to Florida from Ireland, Scotland, or the United Kingdom. If you are still in Florida, you should speak to an attorney before you return home. Even if you have already gone

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