April 24, 2023

Solo Law Firm Marketing Tips: How Solo Lawyers Can Win Big

Running a solo law firm means you might need to wear many hats.

Marketing your firm is essential for bringing in new clients. Even if you’re feeling like a one-man or one-woman band, there are many marketing options available to you that can leverage your strengths.

Learn the best tips for attracting new clients below.

Create a Winning Marketing Strategy

Effective marketing as a solo attorney begins with developing a strategy that establishes how you will win potential clients.

The ABA 2020 Tech Report shows that nearly one-third of solo lawyers report that no one is responsible for marketing in their law firm. That’s a big opportunity for solo lawyers to take advantage of. Putting together a winning strategy can put you ahead of your competition.

The problem is many lawyers confuse a coherent law firm marketing strategy with planning.

Your strategy is the various choices that determine how you’ll win new clients, where you’ll find them, and how you’ll set yourself apart in that market. Your plan refers to the activities you’ll do, although those activities don’t necessarily guarantee the results you’ll get.

Understanding these differences is an important step in creating your attorney marketing plan.

Your marketing plan is a strategic document that explains how you’ll get ideal clients to find and hire you. In your marketing plan, you will:

  • Define your target audience
  • Choose the right marketing channels
  • Set your budget
  • Plan for measurements and KPIs so you can course correct as needed

A winning marketing strategy and an optimized website are two core components of marketing for any law firm. Choosing from the other tips on this list will depend upon the strategic choices that you make.

Build a Search Engine Optimized Website to Capture Leads

No matter what marketing strategy you decide on, your potential clients need a way to reach you. 

Having a high-performing, clearly organized solo law firm website gives potential clients one central hub to contact you for legal services. Even if you don’t plan on publishing blog posts, your website is a crucial component of law firm marketing.

Optimizing your site for search engines is also critical.

Doing so makes sure that Google and other search platforms can find, understand, and index your website. With the right technical SEO setup and strong content aligned with what your potential clients are searching for, it’s easier for your ideal clientele to find and connect with you.

If you deal with local clients, setting up a Google Business Profile and directory listings is another important component.

Claim Your Google Business Profile and Build Citations

Map Pack Example

Citations pointing to your website are a critical part of local SEO.

Listings in legal directories, local citation directories, and other online business directories help search engines understand what your website is about.

These citations showcase key details about your firm, like your office location and contact information. These are crucial signals that help Google determine whether they should place your site in certain local searches.

A robust Google My Business Profile is among the most important citations for solo lawyers serving local clients.

Start by claiming your Google Business Profile, which requires verification. From there, you can add hours, location, your phone number and website, and photos. Your profile is an important place to capture reviews from clients, too.

After that, you can claim other important citations.

Now that we’ve gone over the things all solo lawyers should do, you have several options that you can mix and match based on your marketing plan and goals. If you’re just launching your law firm, we recommend picking one channel to master at a time and grow from there.

Create Blog Content that Addresses Potential Clients Needs

Nearly everyone with a legal problem starts their research process online.

Creating search engine optimized blog content that addresses prospective clients’ most important questions can bring in new leads organically. Content optimized for both search engines and ideal clients takes time to ramp up, but it’s one of the most sustainable marketing methods overall.

Much of the content you’ll create is evergreen in nature, meaning that it can perform well all throughout the year. Upfront investments in SEO for lawyers can pay off for years.

Law firm blogging is a strong choice for long-term benefits, but it does require technical SEO skills and internet writing skills.

Most solo lawyers already have enough on their to-do list and don’t have the time or interest to devote to mastering SEO content. That’s why many hand it off to a trusted law firm marketing expert in most cases.

Generate Demand and Awareness Using Social Media

Legal social media marketing is another powerful option for solo attorneys.

You can use your personality and unique value proposition to connect directly with clients through engaging and informational posts.

Creating entertaining and educational content on social media can help you build up a trustworthy personal brand that exposes what you do to your audience so that when they need help, they come to you.

Social media works best when you’re consistent with it, but it’s not as sustainable as SEO since your content on social media is short-lived.

Solo law firm owners can highlight both their personal and business brands on social media, which means you can form an authentic connection with your potential clients on these platforms.

As a solo lawyer, you’re likely to be front and center in most of the posts on social media, which means you can humanize yourself more easily than most other lawyers. Making yourself relatable while highlighting your expertise can build trust quickly on social media.

If you decide that social is the channel for you, there are a ton of options. Solo lawyers see plenty of success on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Use Paid Ads to Attract Potential Clients

local service ads results

Organic social media and SEO can bring in new clients, but sometimes you need more of a push to get your law firm out there to start generating revenue.

Many new solo firms consider using paid ads to draw in high-quality clients. Google PPC ads, Google Local Service Ads, or social media PPC can get quick results if you know how to target the right audiences, but they are expensive in the long run.

Over time, you’ll need to consider adding in more sustainable methods like SEO if you want to avoid getting stuck on the paid ads hamster wheel.

For personal injury lawyers looking to market, it’s very easy to get priced out of this market because of the high demand and cost of running paid ads. Personal injury PPC is notoriously one of the most expensive industry segments for Google ads.

Create Entertaining Videos for YouTube or TikTok

YouTube and TikTok marketing are great avenues for solo attorneys who aren’t afraid to get on camera.

Video marketing on these platforms can help you build out your profile as an expert. You can cover common questions and current trends to establish your authority in your practice area.

Both TikTok and YouTube educate and entertain your target market to generate demand. When those clients need help with a legal issue, your firm will be top of mind.

Check out Legal Eagle on YouTube for a good example of how to combine your personal and professional law firm brand on social media. His videos are explanatory and interesting at the same, all while setting him up as an expert in his practice areas.

@lawbymike Valet Scratched Your Car? #lawtok #carrepair ♬ original sound – Lawyer Mike Mandell

If TikTok is more your speed, check out lawyer Mike Mandel. With over 7 million followers, he dominates the platform with catchy, relevant, and humorous videos.

Partner with Another Professional for Podcasts or Live Events

Expand your reach easily by tapping into someone else’s existing audience.

This is a two-for-one marketing opportunity since you may forge a relationship with a new referral partner while introducing yourself to their audience in a compelling way.

Creating a legal podcast with a partner is another way to share your thoughts and then repurpose the ideas for multiple platforms. You could also host a show where you feature multiple guests relevant to your audience’s interests and questions.

For example, a personal injury lawyer could speak with a chiropractor, an orthopedic doctor, a body repair shop owner, or former car insurance claims agent.

Determine Your Next Solo Law Firm Marketing Step

If you don’t yet have a marketing document, take this opportunity to walk through your options and outline your formal law firm marketing plan.

From there, you can start mastering one channel and building on your efforts as you grow.

Marketing doesn’t have to be overwhelming, even for solo lawyers, when you outsource to the right partner. Rankings.io has a stellar track record in providing results and excellent service to law firms looking to go to the next level. Contact us today to see how we can help your solo law firm succeed in your marketing efforts.

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