Leif Lundberg

Leif grew up in Sweden where he obtained a Bachelor of Law from Lund University followed by a Masters of Law & Economics while attending Oxford, Hamburg and Ghent Universities.

Following graduation, Leif worked in Stockholm for a few years as an analyst at a boutique investment banking firm and as a law clerk at the Administrative Court of Nykoping.  In 1997, he was offered an opportunity to join the international practice group of Smith Helms Mullis & Moore (now part of McGuireWoods).  In 2000, Leif joined Optcapital as Managing Consultant advising corporate executives on the design and administration of nonqualified tax-deferred compensation.  He has since consulted with both hedge fund managers and trial lawyers on the deferral of income and retention of key associates. 

Having had the benefit of working closely with trial lawyers, and studying what others were doing in the attorney fee deferral market, Leif co-founded JurisPrudent Deferral Solutions in 2014 with the sole purpose of creating fee deferral solutions that give trial lawyers better quality, transparency and benefit safety.  As President, Leif is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company, and manages its sales and marketing efforts. 

Leif lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, with his beautiful wife, Kaylee, and their two boys, Charlie (age 8) and August (age 11).   He enjoys traveling, fly-fishing, skiing and most any type of sport involving a ball. Leif is the co-founder of the Charlotte World Cup, an annual soccer tournament benefitting Street Soccer 945.

  • 02:35 What are attorney fee deferral programs, such as one offered by JurisPrudent
  • 04:11 The process of attorney fee deferral with a solution like JurisPrudent
  • 06:15 Langugae that a trial lawyer can modify their agreements to make sure they've got optionality
  • 10:36 Annualized costs for administration of the solution JurisPrudent provides
  • 12:08 How the attorney fee deferral programs help trial lawyers effectively manage their finances and cash flow
  • 17:04 What sets JurisPrudent apart from other solutions that are out there in the space for attorney fee deferral
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