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Rafa Fumagalli

Rasa Fumagalli
Director of MSP Compliance Services
Synergy Settlement Services

Rasa Fumagalli, JD, MSCC, CMSP-F is an Illinois-licensed attorney and the Director of MSP Compliance Services for Synergy Settlement Services. Rasa and her team provide plaintiff attorneys with initial consultations to address any Medicare Secondary Payer compliance issues that may arise in connection with their clients’ personal injury or workers’ compensation cases. 

Prior to joining Synergy Settlement Services, Rasa worked as a workers’ compensation insurance defense attorney in the Chicago area. She has spent the last ten years focusing her practice on Medicare Secondary Payer compliance issues. As the former Director and VP of MSP Compliance for a national vendor, she has extensive experience in working with parties to effectuate settlements while addressing Medicare’s interests in a reasonable manner. Rasa’s knowledge, experience and passion for navigating the intricacies of the Medicare Secondary Payer Act, supporting regulations and CMS allow her to provide valuable and pragmatic guidance in all stages of settlement discussions. 

Rasa and her husband live in the Chicago area. They are the proud parents of two brilliant daughters. Over the years, they have also become dog lovers and currently have an energetic pack of three mutts.

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  • 28:02 Top mistakes plaintiff firms make as it relates to MSP
  • 33:11 What trial attorneys should do to prepare for MSP issues
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