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Michael Mogill

Michael Mogill is the Founder & CEO of Crisp, the nation’s number one law firm growth company, and author of The Game Changing Attorney. He’s also the host of The Game Changing Attorney Podcast and founder of the Game Changers Summit, the largest law firm growth conference on Earth. He’s helped thousands of attorneys—from solo and small firms to large practices—differentiate themselves from competitors and earn millions in new revenue. A sought-after speaker, Michael often presents at national conferences on innovative ways to create exponential business growth. His advice has been featured in Forbes, Inc., Avvo, ABA Journal, The Trial Lawyer, Huffington Post, and The Wall Street Journal.

Michael Mogill
  • 02:40 How He Started His Dynamic Growing Company
  • 09:35 How He's Helped Law Firms Operate Optimally and Efficiently.
  • 19:25 Working With External Vendors to Improve Efficiency
  • 23:45 Key Strategies To Help Law Firms Differentiate Themselves From Competitors
  • 26:30 Importance of Marketing
  • 29:51 Memorable Success Stories of Law Firm Growth
  • 45:15 Relevant Topics from Game Changing Attorney
  • 49:35 Importance of Taking Risks
  • 53:37 His View As a Legal Growth Industry Expert
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