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Joey Coleman
Author/Professional Speaker
Joey Coleman

I help companies keep their customers and employees. As a keynote speaker, workshop leader, and consultant, I help businesses design creative ways to engage their customers and employees – especially in the crucial First 100 Days® of the relationship lifecycle.

I have an eclectic background that has seen me defend “alleged” criminals, sell custom research to Fortune 500 executives, race along the Great Wall, juggle in front of the Taj Mahal, emcee charity auctions, work in the White House, sing a solo at the Kennedy Center, and travel to 51 countries (and counting).

As a professional speaker who has given thousands of speeches all over the world, I also work with a small number of private coaching clients to develop and hone their speaking skills.

My #2 Wall Street Journal best selling book Never Lose a Customer Again discusses the 8 phases your customer has the potential to travel through as part of their customer journey and the 6 tools you can use during that journey to create remarkable experiences for your customers. You can find it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and your favorite indie bookstore.

My next book, Never Lose an Employee Again will be published by Portfolio/Penguin on June 27, 2023. You can pre-order up a copy here.

Specialties: Customer retention, customer experience, employee retention, employee experience, keynote speeches, workshop and meeting facilitation, design, marketing, personal branding, speaker training, and hitting high notes (first tenor).

  • 04:53 Why He's A Recovering Attorney
  • 13:45 The Importance of Communication During The Case Lifecycle
  • 21:53 Building Empathy In Your Practice
  • 37:13 The Eight Phases of Customer Experience
  • 55:25 Leveraging Technology To Improve Customer Experience
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