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Dorothy Sims

Dorothy Clay Sims
Founding Partner
Law offices of Dorothy Clay Sims, Esq.

Dorothy Clay Sims is the founding partner of Law offices of Dorothy Clay Sims, Esq.

She was also on the trial team and was in charge of forensics in State of Florida vs. Casey Marie Anthony, one of the most televised trials of this nation’s history,

For three decades Dorothy ran one of the largest worker’s compensation practices in North Central Florida. After watching her clients suffer at the hands of dishonest DME’s she studied psychological and physical tests, taking the tests herself, meeting the authors to find out how bad doctors spin the science.  

Thereafter, she was asked to write a book about her experience by nationally known jury consultant, David Ball.

Her book, Exposing the Deceptive Defense Doctor published by James Publishing was a number one best seller three years in a row. It has grown to two volumes and is over 1,000 pages with an additional CD of sample depositions.

Dorothy now limits her practice to assisting other lawyers in researching expert witnesses and assisting in cross examination. She also consults with lawyers in two hour blocks to walk them through what, when and how to ask questions regarding a particular expert. She is the only lawyer in the nation to so limit her practice.

She has given over 350 speeches internationally on medical/legal issues throughout the world and is often invited as the state keynote speaker.

As of last week, she has now spoken in every state in the United States including Hawaii and Alaska with the exception of Nebraska and Wisconsin. She has also been a featured speaker in France, Jaipur, India, Havana, Cuba, and twice in Kyoto, Japan.

Sims has been featured in the Wall Street Journal for her work on malingering tests as well as having been an invited author for AAJ’s Trial magazine on multiple occasions and For the Defense, a national criminal defense journal. She’s also been featured in international publications as well as, Lawyers USA.

Sims has been interviewed on multiple television shows including Greta Van Sustern, In Sessions, and Piers Morgan. 

She authored many articles and chapters of books devoted to “outing” dishonest doctors.

Sims and her work has been referred to in other books as follows:

Ball, David Reptile: The 2009 Manual of the Plaintiff’s Revolution

Listed on page 263 of his book, Mr. Ball gives non-optional reading and refers to Dorothy’s book as “it provides tool after tool for undermining the great shame of the American justice system: Physicians who’s personal oath is to do no harm to their wallets. Sims’s book is to these public menace physicians as is the heel of your shoe to a roach”

Pittman, Gary, Toxic Torts
“She was really compassionate and understanding”

As to her work as the defense attorney in the most televised trial in the world, State of Florida v. Casey Anthony, books refer to her as follows:

Baez, Jose, Presumed Guilty
“At this point, Dorothy, our secret weapon, took over.  Dorothy set up her research team at the Quality Inn that resembled Gene Hackman’s team-all those people doing research—in The Runaway Jury.”

“She is the ultimate giver. Dorothy did a great deal behind the scenes helping me prepare and making sure we had all the information we wanted on the experts and on the jury. When it came to work, she was a machine…”  page 272

Mason, Cheney Justice In America
“ She was…serious and committed…with these qualities she had already established a wide network of researchers to assist her and she brought substantial computer skills to boot.”  “Dorothy was relentless…”  

  • 08:04 The problem with expert witnesses and why I now videotape defense exams
  • 14:00 Approach cases as Sherlock Holmes - assume everyone is lying
  • 20:30 Recruiting Dr. Hunter (her husband) to help in the practice
  • 25:32 Five takeaways from the book, "Exposing Deceptive Defense Doctors"
  • 32:50 Things experts will do to try to fool plaintiff’s counsel (and what you should do to prevent it)
  • 40:15 Volunteer work - the importance of giving back
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