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Conal Doyle

Conal Doyle
Trial Attorney/Founder
Doyle Law APC

Conal Doyle is an award winning trial lawyer who has received national recognition for his courtroom victories that have had broad reaching impact on society. He is one of the few attorneys in history to argue before the United States Supreme Court and obtain multiple seven and eight figure jury verdicts.

His international human rights victory in Castaneda v. United States was a catalyst for the reform of the United States immigration healthcare system, and garnered widespread acclaim from his peers, legal publications and the international media.


  • 07:42 Trial lawyers give a semblance of a normal life back to their clients.
  • 23:19 The impact trial lawyers provide: Individual or Systemic.
  • 23:46 The cost of prosthetics in any amputation case.
  • 58:12 The foundation of being a trial lawyer is putting your client first.
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