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Bryan Smith
Tamaki Law

Bryan Smith grew up in Yakima, Washington. After obtaining a psychology degree from Western Washington University and a law degree from Seattle University, he came back to Yakima to practice law in the community where he was raised. Before becoming an attorney, he worked as an advocate for children suffering from mental illness. As an attorney, he continues to advocate for children and their families in the civil justice system. Bryan now represents victims of sexual abuse, medical malpractice, serious injuries, and wrongful death.

He is also a graduate of the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution mediation training program, and is available to mediate complex litigation, including multi-plaintiff and multi-defendant cases, regionally and nationally.

Although he spends a great deal of time with complex litigation matters, Bryan still handles automobile cases and recently obtained a $1.5 million recovery on behalf of a dentist whose wrists were injured in a car collision and $1.15 million on behalf of the victims of a head-on collision caused by a drunk driver.

Bryan routinely secures recoveries on behalf of those involved in car crashes in excess of $1 million. In 2018 alone, he obtained recoveries exceeding $9 million on behalf of clients involved in automobile collisions.

While Bryan enjoys working on cases throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and New Mexico, where he is admitted to practice, his law practice also takes him across the country, including California, Nevada, Montana, South Dakota, Hawaii, New York, and Pennsylvania, where he represents clients through association with local counsel. Bryan is frequently invited to speak at legal education seminars on personal injury law, wrongful death, sexual abuse litigation, and injuries occurring on Indian reservations. He is also a contributing author of the Medical Negligence Deskbook, published by the Washington State Association for Justice.

Bryan is currently on the Board of the Legal Foundation of Washington (Law Fund), which helps legal aid agencies provide free legal help to those in need. In his spare time, Bryan enjoys running, playing guitar and piano, traveling, and spending time with his family. He also volunteers in the community and supports causes related to poverty, childhood education, and the arts. Bryan is also the host of the DreamPath Podcast, which focuses on the artist journeys of musicians, filmmakers, actors, writers, painters, and other creatives. Episodes of DreamPath can be found at, or on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, etc.

  • 02:22 How His Background Shaped His Approach
  • 15:49 What Ignited His Passion for Becoming a Trial Lawyer
  • 21:12 Strategies Used to Maximize the Recovery in Auto Accidents
  • 29:50 Unique Challenges and Responsibilities That Come with Representing Survivors
  • 36:50 The Impact of Getting a $12M Settlement for His Client's Life and Recovery
  • 43:34 How the Strauss Institute Helped Him in His Practice
  • 50:55 How His Passion for Arts Intersects His Legal Career
  • 1:01:30 Most Difficult Issues He Faces When Settling Cases Today
  • 1:05:21 His View As a Trial Lawyer
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