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Alejandro Blanco
Trial Structure

Alejandro Blanco is a Lawyer on two continents. Receiving his law degree in Argentina at age  23, he became the youngest-ever General Counsel for one of its state’s International Trade Secretaries. 

Coming to the US in 1986, he passed the California bar on his first attempt without going to law school in this country. In 1988 he became the third lawyer with an Argentinian law degree to become licensed in California.

He now has over 35 years of trial work and experience in civil work, with over 130 civil trials, and one criminal murder trial. He has tried cases in over 15 states and multiple federal district courts.  He is currently involved in catastrophic brain and spinal cord injury cases as well as helping our marines and their families in the Camp LeJeune litigation.

Some of his accomplishments include;

  • the 2002 Trial Lawyers College Warrior of the Year award (trial lawyer of the year) for the Western US Region,
  • being one of the 2014 Finalist for CAOC (Consumer Attorneys of California) trial lawyer of the year,
  • and having obtained record-setting Verdicts in TBI and Spinal Chord Injuries in different states (CA & TX)

Consultant to over 20 seven and eight-figure verdicts in the last 5 years from medical malpractice to civil rights to brain injury cases, he is a sought-after Speaker on Trial Skills & Verdict results for over 15 AAJ & TLAs. 

He is the Senior Founder of TrialStructure®

Alejandro Blanco
  • 02:50 Alejandro Passing the CA Bar Without Attending College or Law School in the US
  • 06:57 What He Considers the Top 3 Biggest Trial Successes That He's Had
  • 14:57 How Does He Approach Building a Case and Prepping for Trial in Complex Cases
  • 21:04 What Is Trial Structure and How Does it Help Trial Lawyers Prepare for Trial
  • 38:19 Von Norman vs. Newport Channel Inn and His Involvement in the Case
  • 44:05 His Thoughts on How AI Will Affect Defense Methodologies in the Future
  • 50:35 His View As A Trial Lawyer
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