April 11, 2024

North Alabama Utilities Board Files Suit Over PFAS Contamination

The Municipal Utilities Board of Albertville (Albertville MUB) has initiated legal action against several prominent corporations, including 3M Company, DuPont, and Corteva, over the contamination of the Tennessee River Basin with PFAS chemicals. These substances, known for their persistence in the environment and adverse health effects, have compromised the primary water source for Albertville MUB, impacting the community’s health and the utility’s operations.

PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, are resistant to degradation, making them a persistent issue in drinking water. Linked to various health issues such as cancer and reduced birth weight, these chemicals are challenging to eliminate using standard water treatment technologies.

The lawsuit filed by Albertville MUB aims to address the financial burdens imposed by the contamination, including the costs associated with installing advanced filtration systems, property remediation, and ongoing monitoring for PFAS presence. The legal action underscores the broader implications of PFAS contamination, highlighting concerns over public health and environmental integrity.

“This is a matter of public health and environmental stewardship,” said Beasley Allen attorney Rhon Jones.

The EPA’s stringent health advisories for PFAS concentrations in drinking water emphasize the severity of the issue, advocating for virtually zero presence of these chemicals.

Represented by Beasley Allen attorneys Rhon Jones, Matt Griffith, David Diab, Elliot Bienenfeld, Gavin King, Jeff Price and Elizabeth Weyerman, Albertville MUB is advocating for justice and responsibility, highlighting the significance of protecting the environment and ensuring the safety of the community amidst extensive pollution.

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