June 30, 2021

Jason D. Lazarus on Grow Your Law Firm Podcast

Jason D. Lazarus was recently featured on Grow Your Law Firm podcast with Ken Hardison of PILMMA. In the episode, “Malpractice Traps That Most Lawyers Haven’t Thought About,” they discuss a variety of topics including:

  • Medicare Advantage plans’ recovery rights
  • Mandatory reporting requirements for insurers from Medicare
  • The pitfalls that apply to personal injury settlements
  • Medicaid/SSI protected benefits
  • The effect of the Supreme Court’s ruling in the McCutchen case on ERISA liens
  • How a qualified settlement can expedite the resolution of catastrophic and complicated cases
  • Attorney fee deferrals to Qualified Settlement Funds (QSF)
  • Special Needs Trusts (SNTs)
  • Jason’s book, “The Art of Settlement”

You can listen to this interview here.

To learn more about Ken Hardinson and PILMMA click here.

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