March 9, 2023

Help! What Do I Do If I Was A Victim Of Road Rage In Sarasota?

Did you know that Florida has the highest rate of road rage incidents in the United States? The Tampa Bay area has the most incidents of road rage in the state of Florida. These include nearby counties of Manatee which had 1,248 counts and Sarasota which had 1,159 incidents between 2016 and 2021. As a result, road rage is a serious threat to Sarasota drivers. If you live in Sarasota, you will likely encounter an aggressive driver at some point on the road.

So, what happens when you are injured by a Sarasota road rage driver? How can you stay safe from this dangerous individual while also getting compensation for your injuries and damages? What do you do if the aggressive driver did more than just hit your vehicle?

Understanding Road Rage

There are many causes of road rage and aggressive driving. They are usually a result of numerous psychological factors of the driver. Most of the time, road rage incidents lead to dangerous driving such as:

● Speeding
● Weaving through traffic
● Running red lights and stop signs
● Cutting off other drivers
● “Brake checking” the driver behind them
● Intentionally hitting or bumping another vehicle
● Using lights, horns, and brakes as intimidation
● Forcing another vehicle off the road

Road rage can also include rude gestures, profanity, and sometimes violence. When road rage escalates, it can become very dangerous for the other driver. In a recent case in Parrish, a man was sentenced to 30 years after killing another driver with his truck. In another road rage case, an Amazon delivery driver was arrested for aggravated assault for shooting another driver.

What To Do If You’ve Been In A Road Rage Accident

Encountering a road rage driver is terrifying, especially if they escalate the circumstance to an accident. Here is what to do:

• Call 911 as soon as possible and report the incident.
• Never antagonize the other driver. If the other driver continues to intimidate you, try to de-escalate the situation.
• If it is not safe to stop because of the other driver, drive straight to the nearest police station or sheriff’s office. If you are injured, head to the hospital.
• If you can’t drive away safely, lock your car doors and wait for the police to arrive.
• If the driver flees the scene of the accident, try to remember as much information about them as you can including:

● A description of the driver
● The vehicle make, model, and color
● The license plate number (even if you can only get part of it)
● Any unique identifying information about the driver or vehicle
● If you are capable, try to take a photo or video

• If you are still at the scene and you are injured, go with the ambulance. Your health is the most important thing. Otherwise, wait for the police to arrive.
• File a report with the police. Include all the details you can remember about the incident.

Depending on the circumstances, there may be criminal charges against the other driver. Road rage is illegal under Florida State Statute 316.1923. They may also be charged with many other crimes like reckless endangerment, harassment, or aggravated assault.

Contact A Sarasota Accident Attorney

The next thing you will need to do is contact a Sarasota accident attorney. Road rage accidents are very complicated because there are often criminal charges involved. Further, the injuries are typically very serious and sometimes can even make it impossible to live your normal life. Not to mention, when dealing with a road rage incident, you are also often dealing with very dangerous individuals. An attorney can help you pursue compensation for your injuries, receive justice, and stay safe after your road rage accident.

Our attorneys at Justice Pays have helped road rage victims just like you. Contact us for a free case review. You’ll learn more about how to protect your rights after a road rage accident.

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