May 23, 2023

AAPI Heritage Month Employee Spotlight: Dipa Rapole

In celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander Month, Stark & Stark’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee are shining a spotlight on some of our AAPI employees.

We sat down with Dipa Rapole, a transactional practice group attorney in our Hamilton office, to discuss her favorite cultural traditions, and what AAPI Month means to her.

Stark & Stark (S&S): What is your cultural identity?

Dipa Rapole (DR): Indian-American

S&S: What is your favorite cultural tradition?

DR: My favorite cultural tradition is the celebration of Holi. Holi is celebrated during the start of spring and is known as the festival of color. During Holi, everyone gets together and throws colorful powder on each other. It is fun, messy, and brings everyone together! Holi is celebrated all throughout India and stands for love, happiness, and the start of a new season.

S&S: What does AAPI Heritage Month mean to you?

DR: It is a special time when Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have the opportunity to share and teach their culture and values to others. It is a time to learn from each other and expand our horizons.

S&S: The theme for Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month this year is advancing leaders through opportunity. How do you think we can all work to achieve this goal?

DR: Being open to diversity and accepting new ideas and opinions of all cultures.

S&S: How do you think your culture has influenced you in your professional life?

DR: My culture is very much about hard work and togetherness. In my professional life, I have always valued working with others to find solutions to the issues we face daily.

S&S: What do you hope to see for the AAPI community in the future?

DR: I hope that the AAPI community can continue to grow and include everyone in all that its culture has to offer.

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